On the verge of extinction – 2

Blast from the past…


continued from Part 1, which you can read here : On the verge of extinction


(13) HASANKEYF, Turkey : This ancient town along the River Tigris has a history that stretches back 1000s of years, but that might come to an end in 2015, with the completion of a dam that will likely flood it, affecting about 50,000 people.  Controversy around the project and loss of International funding have deterred Turkey from continuing construction, with the promise that artefacts will be re-located and the townsfolk compensated.


(14) BATTERSEA POWER STATION, London :  The area surrounding one of London’s most “iconic” buildings, is now a construction site of 1,300 apartments, a hotel and 350,000 sq.ft of retail and restaurant space.  The chimneys of the power station are currently being demolished and replaced..  Even though the developers must respect the building’s status as being of special architectural or historic interest, Grade 11*, new high-rise…

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