Of ghats, gangajal and invocations


Durga puja

Kolkata. The name evokes memories of history, heritage, art, food…and Durga Puja. As the flight descends on this city, a breathtaking view emerges. Kolkata, dressed in all its finery, all set to welcome Maa Durga. The festive atmosphere is unparalleled, the enthusiasm undiminished. The taxi meanders through tight lanes, with people spilling over each other, yet walking on, witnessing the spectacle that is Durga Puja. For Durga is in every corner, every lane, every rajbari…

Durga puja

One often wonders when this festival actually started. Was it this way even a hundred years back? Origins differ, but consensus is that the age old zamindars of Bengal started this public celebration, and it grew over the years to become what is now called the largest outdoor art festival on earth. Every years, pandals compete with each other in coming up with innovative, or creative pujos as they are known locally, and well…

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