Dwaraka temple

The original city of DWARKA is believed to be sunken in the Arabian Sea 5,000 years ago.  That is why it is known as a “lost city”.  Divers till today are researching, after finding the artifacts from the sea floor.

Nearby, there is a small island known as BET DWARKA.  You can simply hire a boat from Dwarka to go to the island.  BET DWARKA is a part mud and part sand beach.  However, its the best place for zoologists.


Due to its isolation and relatively limited accessibility by train, DWARKA is very rarely visited by foreign tourists.  It is, however, very popular in the domestic tourist market and has some excellent attractions.  Its omission from  International Guidebooks like LONELY PLANET is a serious one.

DWARKADEESH Temple is one of the finest in India, and it dominates the city’s small skyline.  SUNSET POINT, near the GOMTI River and its ghats are exceptionally beautiful at all times of day, though perhaps a little risky late at night.  Though the city is challenging up for the rare foreign tourist, its attractions more than make up for the difficulties faced if you are happy to spend the time getting there.  The city gives you a peaceful feeling and the nearby beaches make it certainly worth a visit.


DWARKA is 450km from Ahmedabad and is well connected by road and rail.  The nearest airport is Rajkot.  Spice Jet, Go Air and Jet Airways operate regular flights.  The Railway is located 2km from the Main Tempe and has direct trains from Mumbai and a few other cities in India.

There are a lot of places around DWARKA which can be covered in a single day.  There are local taxis available, and the places covered are :


(1) BET DWARKA, which is supposed to be the place where Lord Krishna lived.  The Temple has a main DWARKADEESH Deity, which was believed to have been made by Krishna’s chief Queen, RUKMINI and in which MEERA BAI merged and disappeared from the material world.  There are boats available from OKHA JETTY from where people are ferried to the island, which is approximately 30km from DWARKA.

Hanuman mandir yagna

(2) HANUMAN MANDIR is also on BET DWARKA, but is on the outskirts of the city and it is a lonely temple.  There is an interesting story of Rukmini being cursed by Sage DURVASA, because of which the temple is situated outside and it is also because of this that the water in DWARKA city is salty.

Dwarka temple landscape

(3) The DWARKADEESHA Temple is also called JAGAT MANDIR, and is a VAISHNAVA Temple.  The Temple, facing west, is at an elevation of 40ft above sea level.  It is conjectured that the Temple is 2,500 years old.  However, the existing Temple is dated to the 16th century.  It is a 5-storeyed edifice built over 72 pillars.  Its spire rises to a height of 256ft, and a very large flag with the symbol of the Sun and the Moon is hoisted on it.  The Temple layout consists of a GARBHAGRIHA and an ANTARALA (an ante-chamber).  The Main Deity is of DWARKADEESHA, which is known as the TRIVIKRAMA form of Vishnu and is depicted with four arms.

nageshwar mandir dwarka

(4) NAGESHWAR MANDIR is a temple dedicated to Shiva and one of the 12 JYOTIRLINGAS (meaning ‘radiant sign of the Almighty) is deified here in a subterranean  cell.

nageshwar mandir Dwarka_

(5) GOMTI GHAT consists of steps leading to the Gomti River.  The ghat has a number of shrines dedicated to SAMUDRA NARAYAN (God of the Sea), Saraswati and Lakshmi .  The GOMTI Temple has an idol of Goddess Gomti, that is said to have been brought to Earth by Sage VASISHTA.

Gomti ghat Dwarka

(6) The LIGHTHOUSE is a famous place on the coast, where one can enjoy complete silence and peace.  Behind the Lighthouse there is a huge cave, naturally created by the striking of the sea water.  There is also a small GANESH Temple behind the Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse has a fixed light situated 70ft above sea level and the light is visible over a distance of 16km.  The Lighthouse Tower is 12 metres in  height and is 107metres away from the high water level.  The radio beacon, provided on this Lighthouse Tower, is powered by a Solar PHOTOVOLTAIC module.

Dwarka lighthouse


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