Happy Deepavali

Diwali celebrations


Creation exists in layers.  Physical creation that we see around us is just one layer.  What happens in the world as we see it, is a reflection of what happens in the world of ether, which may be perceived I the form of colours, sounds, thoughts and pure energy, as per the state of evolution of being and development of senses.


On the AMAVASYA of the month of Kartik, Rama returned to Ayodhya, which was marked by lighting of DIYAS in every house.  This is the physical event.  In the world of energy, Kartik Amavasya or Deepavali, is the night of SIDDHIS.  It is the night of homecoming of one of the most powerful of forces in the Universe, the force of Vishnu.  Ayodhya is the body and lights are the various SIDDHIS, which are ignited in different parts of the body through specific mantras and sadhanas with the guidance of a Guru.

Diwali golden temple

On this night, the force of Vishnu enables us to acquire various siddhis of yoga and Sanatan Kriya easily.  ANIMA is the siddhi of reducing the size of the body at will, MAHIMA is the ability to increasing its size infinitely.  GARIMA is the siddhi to become infinitely heavy, LAGHIMA is the siddhi to shed off all weight in the body to become feather-light.  PRAPTI is the siddhi through which one gains unrestricted access to all places in creation.  PRAKAMYA is the siddhi to manifest ones thoughts and desires.  ISHTVA is the lordship of creation.  VASHITVA is control over others.  All these eight siddhis can be attained even in this day and age, with correct practices, but guided by a Guru.
Diwali greetings

DEEPAVALI is the night of acquiring siddhis and powers, wealth and riches.  It is the night to bring Vishnu to you.

————Yogi Ashwini@speekingtree.in.

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