Chitragupta Jayanti

CHITRAGUPTA JAYANTI is celebrated today (13th November).
Human beings act inherently to lead their life from the moment of their birth till death and receive rewards and punishments according to the law of KARMA.  Vedic Scriptures say that each soul, after the death of an individual, leaves the body with Chitragupta Bhagwancertain karmic account of virtues and sins earned by the person during his lifetime.  The balance sheet of the karmic account determines the nature of the body, quality of life, happiness and sorrow that will accrue to an individual in the new life.
It is believed that the deity CHITRAGUPTA is hidden in the CHITTA or mind of human beings as an accountant of God, to maintain complete records of their pious or sinful acts on earth.  It is believed that BRAHMA assigned to Chitragupta, the gigantic task of deciding the dues to be granted to an individual on his death according to his positive or is negative balance sheet of the karmic account.
According to legend, BRAHMA enjoined YAMA, the god of death to keep records of virtues and sins of all sentient beings.  Yama requested Brahma to provide him an accountant to assist him in discharging the enormous responsibility of keeping records of deeds of all beings and deliver justice to them.
Brahma went into deep meditation for 11,000 years.  Finally when he opened his eyes, he saw a resplendent man in front of him, bearing a pen and inkpot in his hands and a sword girdled to his waist.  He said, “Thou hast been created from my KAYA or body, therefore shall thy progeny be known as KAYASTHAS.  Thou has been conceived in my CHITTA in GUPTA or secrecy, thy name shall e CHITRAGUPTA.
Chitragupta paintingBHAVISHYA PURANA states that Brahma fixed the residence of Chitragupta in the region of God for the purpose of discerning and recording the merits and demerits of each karma of all life forms.  In GARUDA PURANA, Chitragupta is always present in the “conscience” of all sentient life-forms, keeping track of every deed, building up statistics of virtues and sins from birth to death, so that on their death, PRARABDHA, or destiny for the next life can be determined accordingly.
The worship of Chitragupta bestows prosperity and mitigates the evil effects of KETU during its transit period according to one’s horoscope.  CHITRAGUPTA JAYANTI, the birthday of Chitragupta, is celebrated on the second day of the rising moon period after DEEPAVALI in the month of Kartik.
Chitragupta ordained that the life should be fruitfully devoted for writing, education, patriotic, benevolent and charitable work with cultivation of values like piousness, patience, service and forgiveness.
————— Satish Kumar Mathur (Speaking Tree)

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