Coloane Village

COLOANE VILLAGE (Portuguese : VILA de COLOANE) is a village in Macau, China.  It stands as a living testament to Macau’s dual Portuguese & Cantonese heritage. 
The quality of the air in COLOANE is relatively fresh compared to that of Macau Peninsula, because there are fewer residents and less urban development.  Nowadays, COLOANE is a good place for beach lovers, hikers and golfers.

Coloane village

COLOANE is historically a fishing village and port for trade with the neighbouring islands along the coast off Guangdong Province.  Before the fall of the Qing Dynasty (i.e. 1912), pirates were a great problem in COLOANE and posed a serious threat to local fishermen and traders.  In front of the little Chapel, dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, is a monument commemorating a successful Portuguese action against Chinese pirates in 1910.


The Village centres on Eduardo Marques Square, which is a rectangle paved with cobblestones that are black, white and yellow, laid out in a wavy pattern reminiscent of the sea.  The Square faces a seaside promenade that traces the channel dividing Macau from the hills of China proper.

At the opposite end of the Square stands the Chapel of Saint Francis Xavier, built in 1928. The Chapel contains some of the most sacred Christian relics in Asia, including the remains of twenty-six foreign and Japanese Catholic priests who were crucified in 1597, as well as those of some of the Japanese Christians who were killed during the SHIMABARA Rebellion in 1637.  The Chapel also housed a bone from the arm of Saint Francis Xavier, who died in 1552 on SANCHUAN Island, 50miles from Macau, before the relic was transferred to Saint Joseph’s Seminary and the Sacred Art Museum.

Coloane Macau

Along the AVENIDA de CINCO de OUTUBRO is the TAM KUNG Temple, which is a Taoist Temple dedicated to the seafarers’ God ——- TAM KUNG. A modern deep-water port is next to KA HO, a village with a typical countryside lifestyle.

TAM KUNG TEMPLE : Built in the 1st year of the TONGZHI Reign of the late Qing Dynasty (1862), it is one of the comparatively large Temple of COLOANE.  It is written in the couplet on the door of the Temple of TAM KUNG “The stone JIAO and the Spirit of bell correspond to Billing and returning waves and beautiful island are similar to PENGLAI”.


In the Temple, there is a Tablet set up in 1964 by the Duty Committee of the Street Charity Committee of COLOANE, which mentions the origin of the Temple.  The Temple is only dedicated to TAM KUNG.  It is said that TAM KUNG originated from the God of the Mount of Nine Dragons of HUIZHOU and often changed into a child to help the poor.  It is also said that Tam Kung  is Taoist.  The day of celebration of the Temple of Tam Kung is the 8th of April of the Lunar Year.  In recent years, the performance of sacred battle is played to commemorate the anniversary of Tam Kung.


The Church of OUR LADY OF SORROWS (Latin : BEATA MARIA VIRGO PERDOLENS).  The Seven Sorrows of Mary is a popular Roman Catholic Devotion.  The Seven Sorrows are events in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is a common devotion for Catholics to say daily one Our Father and seven Hail Mary for each : (1) The Prophecy of Simon.  (2) The Flight into Egypt.  (3) The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple.  (4) Mary meets Jesus on the road to Calvary.  (5) Jesus dies on the Cross.  (6) The Piercing of the side of Jesus.  (7) The Body of Jesus is placed in the tomb.

COLOANE, in Cantonese, was known as GAU OU SAAN (Nine-inlet Mountain), transcribed in Portuguese as YIM ZOU WAAN ( Salt-stove Bay).

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  1. Hi! You have beautiful pictures! I just recently came to Macau this May but did not have the opportunity to tour Coloane village because of some circumstances although I planned to go there. Now, I am writing an entry about my Macau trip, and I would like to ask you if I can borrow some of your pictures from this post as a “what if I went to the village”? I promise to link you back and credit you. I gave you a link to my website. Would love to hear from you! 🙂

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