Origin of life is selfless

At some point of time in everyone’s life this question arises as to what is the purpose of human life ?  Why are we born and what is the purpose ?
In the absence of any clarity, most people just live life for the sake of living.  Living without direction, is like wandering in a jungle not knowing whether we are going inside the jungle or getting out of it.
Human birth is certainly not without a purpose.  We are the most special species in the Universe with enormous potential for intellect, wisdom, growth, free will, revelations, construction, destruction, recreation and emotions.

origin of life

Human life can be surmised as five-fold :

(1) TO BE PROGRESSIVE : As the Creator Himself is progressive, we are also expected to be progressive.  We have been sent here by the Creator to evolve ourselves materialistically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  Through progressive attitude, we get ourselves tuned with the frequency of the Creator.  However, our “Ego” blocks this tuning.  He expects all our achievements, success, growth and possessions to Him.
(2) TO ENJOY HIS CREATION & LIVE HAPPILY : He has given everything to everyone to enjoy life based on each one deserves and what can give happiness, yet we complain about insufficiency out of expectations and comparison and feel sad.  We have surrendered our happiness to our expectations, ego and comparisons.
(3) TO SPREAD HAPPINESS : Not only should we always remain happy, but we should also spread happiness around us.  He wants us to follow His concept of seeking happiness in the happiness of others, as He Himself has created this Universe for others and not for Himself.
(4) TO LIBERATE OURSELVES FROM WORLDLY ENTANGLEMENT: We have been sent here for a brief period and with some specific objective, we have engrossed ourselves in the attractions of the world.  He wants us to come back to Him and remain in eternal bliss.
(5) TO HELP LIBERATE OTHERS : Not only are we engrossed in the world, His other children got engrossed and He feels sad for them.  he wants us to remind others and also help them liberated themselves from worldly attachment.
———- Sadguru Rameshji.

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