You can succeed at anything


Whether you are trying to succeed at work, in your relationships or trying to make money :

(1) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT : You must have the desire to succeed.  This means you need to know what you want in life and be bale to identify the actions that you need to take to achieve your goals.  Goals provide a guide to your destination in life, and without them, others, determine where you’ll end up.
(2) NEVER GIVE UP : Persistence is the number one thing for being successful.  It is easy for people to become disheartened when they are criticised or encounter a hurdle while trying to achieve their goals, but to be a true success, you must persist through criticism, rejection, pressure and failure.  A fighting spirit will make you succeed.
(3) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF : You need to have a positive outlook and belief that you can achieve your goals.  When you feel good about yourself, you react more confidently to life’s challenges.  If you believe in yourself and push yourself through self-doubt, your chances of being successful will increase.  Believe and you will achieve.
(4) NEVER STOP LEARNING : Successful people learn from their mistakes, new experiences and other people.  Learning at every opportunity increases your knowledge in old and new areas and keeps you ahead in your field.  Read books, acquire new skills and seek additional training to move forward in life.
(5) DO WHAT YOU LOVE : To do something in life well, you must love it.  Being passionate about the things you spend your time on is energising and motivates you to succeed.
(6) AVOID CONDITIONAL HAPPINESS : Too many of us believe that if some problems resolved themselves, we would finally be happy.  But striving for happiness without sitting back and finding happiness at this particular point in your life is no way to live.  Successful people avoid delayed gratification and don’t wait for problems to resolve themselves.
——- KGAR STAR (Speaking Tree)

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