Tigress queen of Ranthambore

Ranthambore tiger

The TIGRESS QUEEN OF RANTHAMBORE aka MACHLI (Code Name: T-16) is one of the most famous tigresses and the most-photographed one at that.

She is an ICONIC FIGURE of Rantahambore National Park in India.  MACHLI is celebrated with tiles such as QUEEN MOTHER of Tigers, LADY OF THE  LAKES and CROCODILE KILLER.
She was born in 1997.  Formerly, she was known as JHALARA, which is a location of the Park site where she used to live.  She was name MACHLI (fish), due to a fish-shaped mark that had been seen on her mother’s face and MACHLI had a fork-like mark on her face.  MACHLI gave birth to 11 tiger cubs including 7 females and 4 males.  The progeny of MACHLI increased the tiger population in the Park and made about 60% of tigers of her ‘lineage”.  Also, she was kept to protect her cubs from threats including from male tigers and other animals.

Ranthambore tiger

She is famously known for her “hunting skills” and “strength”, when killing a 14-foot-long      mugger crocodile.  Due to the crucial fight, she lost a couple of canine teeth.  A report says that India had earned about USD10million per year due to tourists attracted by the tigress, for the last ten years.

She won the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD of Travel Operations for Tigers, due to her contribution to conservation and tourist attraction that earned significant economy for India.  Today, she has lost almost all of her teeth, territories and strength due to aging.   She is 19yrs old (as of May 2015), higher than the average 10 – 15 year life span of tigers in the wild.
Her 50-minute story with a title of TIGER QUEEN was aired by National Geographic & Animal Planet Channels.  On the 19th of October, 2012, the story of MACHLI was aired on the BBC’s Natural World.  The episode was titled : QUEEN OF TIGERS : Natural World Special.  It was produced by Mike Birkhead and presented by Colin Stafford-Johnson.  The Indian Government issued a commemorative postal cover and stamp to honour the tigress for her ecological and economical contributions.
MACHLI is considered the “most photographed tigress in the world”.  She once reigned supreme in the woods of Ranthambore.  More than half of the tiger population in RANTHAMBORE & SARISKA Tiger Reserves of Rajasthan is of her lineage, as her two female cubs were airlifted to SARISKA in 2008 to re-populate tigers.

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