2015 – year end

YEAR ENDS are a time to ‘pause’, ‘ruminate’, ‘to be reassured’ of our life’s trajectory, or ‘consider’ taking corrective measures.  Here are a few thoughts picked from this year’s O-zone to help you along.

positive new year

* Harness the power of your thoughts.  Life does not follow the path of our desires and strategies, but that of our intentions and beliefs.  To know and accept what your desire, attracts that same reality to you.  You can transform your dreams to reality by the power of your thoughts  Such is the power of the mind.  Unpeel that wrapping.

* Is chaos your Mantra to success ?  Sometimes it is the untried path that lead to success and fulfilment.  How does one discipline the wilderness that is your very life force ?  Chaos may be your style, and indiscipline your mantra to success.  Stir things up a bit, creating a momentary, controlled squall, rather than staying frozen in familiar routines.
* What is your differentiator ?  Are you one of a crowd or do you stand apart ?  What distinguishes you from others and gives you that cutting edge ?  All of us are unique, but we pour ourselves into readily-available casts.  It is important to step out of boxes and explore possibilities.
* ‘TAWAZUN’, the art of balance.  Everything exists because its opposite exists too.  Take one away, and the other loses value.  The art is in balancing opposing elements and drawing from them to create a dynamic, throbbing whole.  You are good not because you have no bad within you, but because you have resisted it and struck a balance.

positive quotes new year

* Get rid of your Black Holes.  Are you aware of people and activities that waste your time and sap energy ?  Identify these Black Holes and make life meaningful.  Get rid of enervators such as emotional turmoil and agitation, or mindless engagement with people whose mental energies and preoccupations don’t match yours.

* Stop stripping off bits of yourself to please others, or to keep a relationship going.  A yearning for dignity lies at the root of our desires and aspirations.

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