A very happy New Year!

A New Year (2016) has begun.  Everyone receives text messages or email wishes for a Happy New Year.  There should be something new in our lives besides the date on the calendar.
Does it bring any external or internal change ?  Internal change is the change in our viewpoint.  If our vision of life does not improve, we keep living the way we always did.
Happy New Year 2016For a happy life, it is necessary to have good health, so we must ensure that we keep our body healthy. The next requirement is that of wealth.  We must have enough wealth, both in our homes and to help those in need.  The next requirement is a discriminating intellect, which helps us to distinguish right from wrong, and it also inspires us to hold on to the right path.  Goodness, purity of emotion and feeling and truthfulness of heart are the qualities that lead to true happiness.
Let us start this year on a happy note and prepare ourselves for all that the year holds in store for us.  Let us accept all the blessings with a grateful heart, and let us try and spread happiness all around.  A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL.

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