Krishna, a bosom friend

Srinath Chakravarty, while referring to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s  teachings, states that the highest object of worship is Krishna.  He clarifies that we can worship NAND-NANDAN Sri Krishna in the context of any possible relationship we desire.  This is not possible with anyone else.
For example, we cannot participate in all types of relationship with the Supreme lore in His form as NARAYANA, who displays a majestic form of God, and so we can have a relationship of friendship with Him from a distance.  NARAYANA plays the role of a majestic king, so fear in the mind is evident.  His devotees may become His friends, but their intimacy is inhibited by fear.  Moods like parental affection and conjugal love are absent.  Therefore, those who wish to serve the Supreme Lord as a “bosom friend”, as a “child” or in a mood of conjugal love, cannot acquire this sort of relationship with the Lord in His form as NARAYANA. Therefore, NARAYANA cannot be the common centre for all devotees.  NARAYANA can grant moksha, vaikuntha, dasya rasa and partial sakhya rasa to His devotees, but nothing more intimate than these.


In Krishna, the cowherd boy of Vrindavan, however, all sorts of intimate relationships are possible, and there is the possibility of different forms of worship, like for instance, the amorous relationship of the gopis for Krishna, considered to be the highest form of devotion and worship.

Human beings are said to have 50 kinds of divine qualities but in a  minute quantity only, whereas VISHNU or NARAYANA who have more qualities in addition to 55 qualities present in others, again to a fuller extent.  This makes a total of60 divine qualities in all.
In total there are 64 qualities or GUNAS.  There are 4 other qualities that one will not find anywhere  else except in Krishna, the beloved of all.  These 4 additional qualities are LEELA MADHURYA, RUPA MADHURYA, VENU MADHURYA & PREMA MADHURYA, referring to divine play, form, musical attributes and love.
Krishna has many wonderful pastimes, in which He assumes a sweet form.  He does not appear as a gigantic figure with all kinds of weapons.  Thus, He does not fight with Putana, the demon, but rather, appears as a baby an kills her by sucking her breast, exhibiting sweetness towards her.  This is the wonder of Krishna Leela.


Also, we find even while retaining His sweet and endearing form, Krishna lifts the Govardhana mountain to provide shelter to his devotees, with just the little finger of his left hand.  He does have to assume a strong and formidable form to accomplish this.  As a  little boy, Krishna subdued Kaliya, the serpent, when he effortlessly jumped onto Kaliya’s many heads.

In Krishna, we find 12 RASAS(RASA is the mellow part of a relationship, the taste or bliss one experiences in a relationship with Krishna).  There are 5 principle RASAS, namely shant, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and madhurya.  In addition to these there are 7 secondary RASAS, namely hasya, adbhuta, vira, karuna, raudra, bhayanak and bibhatsa.  All of these are mentioned in the SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM.
That is why Krishna is so special, so approachable and why he is loved and sought after by all.
——— B V Vaman Maharaj.. 

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