Days of our lives

Vedic Astrology
As per Vedic Astrology, each day of a week is presided by a particular planet. Let us talk about each day of the week, its presiding planet, and the activities and colours that give good results on a particular day.

SUNDAY is dedicated to the Sun and is ruled by SURYA the Sun God. The Sun gives benevolent support to all activities related to celebrations and community efforts. An excellent day to undertake journeys and resolving disputes. MARION is a good colour for Sunday.

The Moon presides over Monday, and so it is an ideal day for financial activities, grih pravesh, marriage or an engagement. It is a also a suitable day for seeking medical help. WHITE & BLUE are the colours for Monday.

The planet MARS rules Tuesday. It fills you with courage and energy. It is a good day to settle disputes and perform administrative tasks. RED is the colour of the day.

Wednesday is governed by the planet MERCURY. All activities related to the intellect augur well on this day. It is also an ideal day for love and romance. The colour of the day is GREEN.

Thursday is ruled by the planet JUPITER. It is an auspicious day to visit temples and receive divine blessings. It is not recommended to travel on Thursdays. YELLOW is the colour of Thursday.

VENUS rules Friday and promises success, especially to women. Most suitable for the purchase of precious things. Friday is also a good day for medical treatments of serious illness, as the healing energies are most active on Fridays. SEA GREEN, BLUE or WHITE are the colours of the day.

Saturday, ruled by SHANI or SATURN, is a spiritual day when people should fast, undertake pious activities and shun all kinds of luxuries. BLACK is the colour of the day.

——— Maanya Kohli (renowned Tarot Card Reader).


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