Mahabodhi Temple

Blast from the past…



Away fro the eyes of the popular traveller trails, lies the small, dusty town of Bodhgaya.  This the pilgrimage centre for Buddhist followers.  This is also where the Mahabodhi Temple, where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment stands.  


About 130 kms from Patna is Gaya District, which is noisy and crowded.  But, as you move to the centre of Bodhgaya ——- you fall in step with serenity.  Of course, there are vendors who line the road leading to the temple gate.  The Temple is 55 metres tall, and one is greeted by the chanting of Buddhist mantras by hundreds of monks and nuns.


Declared a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, the Mahabodhi Temple and the famous Bodhi Tree ——- under which Buddha attained enlightenment after six years of meditation ——- is believed to be the fifth in its succession.  The original Bodhi Tree was destroyed because of natural calamities.  The sanctum…

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