Life is calling

Moksha and happiness

Is there such a thing as “life’s calling” ?  There is no “life’s calling”, but “life is calling” —— both from within and without.  Only when you truly respond to the “call of life”, you know life in its entirety.  If life is calling you, you must go towards it with utmost passion and involvement without any hesitation and calculation.

This is not about your ego wanting to do something different.  It is about living to your full potential. And if you are truly passionate about every aspect of your life, you will realise what you are good at.  It could be that you are good at something new that has never been done before.  But even if you are doing the same, age-old things, when, you do them with utmost passion and involvement , they will raise you to a new dimension of experience.
Problems come when people are passionate about one thing, or when they are passionate in an exclusive way.  This often leads to isolation.  Living an exclusive existence with very limited involvement will only lead to frustration and pain.  One must be absolutely and passionately involved with everything that five senses can perceive in a given moment.
The way life happens is first being, then doing, and then having.  But right now, people always think of first having.  For example, when you were at a certain stage of life, you may have decided that you want to have a certain kind of life that includes a partner, house, car, etc.  Then, you think, “How can I have all this ?”  The moment you start thinking how to get it, people around you start advising you.  Then you think of becoming a doctor, lawyer, software engineer, etc.  Once you are in one of these professions for a period of time, you think you have become something, and that is when you start moving against life.  You are going the “having-doing-being” way, which  leads to an endless pursuit of having.  This is the basis of an unfulfilled life.
You must first establish your way of being.  Then, whether you get what you desire or not, you will still be wonderful.  The quality of your life depends on your way of being.  What you get to have is only a question of capability and situations that are conducive.  If you make this simple shift to “being-doing-having”, then the large part of your destiny will be by your will.
————Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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