Strongest village in India


Asola-Fatehpur Beri is the strongest village in India.  For generations, men have held 2-hour workouts every morning and evening in the countryside community on the southern rim of Delhi.
bouncers1_110913020130From pre-teens to men nearing 50, bodybuilders sweat it out at one of the most popular training spots, Akhada ( a Hindi word for ‘wrestling arena’)  This is where brawny men wrestle in mud, climb ropes and perform a few 100 sit-ups and push-ups, balancing their hands on bricks.  They carry each other on their shoulders —- all part of traditional Indian way of working out.
A group of about 40 males exercises outside, each wearing a simple loincloth.  “They eat healthy and on time, they practise here every day and that’s why they are so strong,” says Vijay Tanwar, the head-trainer at Akhada.  The musclemen of Asola-Fatehpur Beri are capitalizing on their brawn by working as bouncers in New Delhi’s…

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