Award-winning Italian artist, Guido Daniele has an exceptional talent —– he can transform human hands into HANDIMALS —— hyper-realistic animal portraits.
handimals-hand-paintings-11With a career spanning 40 years, Guido began to explore and experiment with ‘body art, using the human body as a ‘canvas’.  Gradually, he perfected the art of making his models contort their bodies into specific positions and using his painting handimals-hand-paintings-8skills to turn them into realistic portraits and scenes.
In 2000, an art director asked him if he could paint animals on people’s hands ——–without using photo-shop.  “After I tried doing it, I was the 1st one to be positively surprised with the beautiful result,” he said.  “I did handimals-hand-paintings-7not know that a great artist, from Florence, Mario Mariotti, did the same artistic research before me.  From 2000 onwards, I began my research on the HANDIMALS.”
handimals-hand-paintings-9That same year, Guido released his world-famous HANDIMALS series, consisting of 77 highly detailed animals, painted on to hands that were twisted and manipulated into various positions to form beaks, trunks, feathers and more.
handimals-hand-paintings-6Guido believes that his work is so well received, because ‘hands’ ——- after the face ——– are the most expressive part of the human body. handimals-hand-paintings-5 “So seeing hands transforming into so many different things, such as animals or natural environments, is something that surely fascinates people, both children and adults.  I just look at my hands and try to imagine all different things and animals they could turn into.”
handimals-hand-paintings-4Guido revealed that he wanted to be an artist ever since elementary school.  “I was only 5 years old, when my teacher asked me to make a greeting card for the Headmaster,” he recalled fondly.  handimals-hand-paintings-3“It was obvious that I was the most creative and artistic child in the whole school.  So, after that episode, all my classmates began to ask me to do their drawings and caricatures.”
handimals-hand-paintings-2“I want to try to paint all what is possible to paint on hands and bodies : animals, flowers, materials, architectures, objects, cars, dreams,” he said.
handimals-hand-paintings-1“Now I am 62 years old, I only have 20 years more to find my artistic visionary in this world, in this life.  In my next handimals-hand-paintings-10life, I would like to be a doctor, surgeon, inventor or scientist and do something to make the human life less suffering —— build a better world.
Guido, who now lives and works out of Milan, is often contracted by some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies ——— they regularly use photographs of his ‘body art’ in various endorsements.  His work has also been used to help promote charities, such as the WWF.