Trieste – the city of fashion

The mysteriously under-rated city of TRIESTE, nudging the border with Slovenia in Italy’s far north-east, is known for its stately HABSBURG-era architecture, exquisite coffee and traditional regattas.
But, for a few days every year in July, it is one of the most important places to discover the next best thing in the WORLD OF FASHION DESIGN.  The International Talent Support (ITS) contest, launched in 2002, has invited students from 70 countries ——-spanning a network of 1000 schools and Universities –to compete for a lot of awards —— celebrating clothes, jewellery, accessories, and for the first time this year —-2014 —- ART.
ITS Director, Barbara Franchin says, “This is all about young creativity, and so we must offer the youngsters —–friendship and support.  This year’s theme —— LUCID DREAMS —– It’s about whimsical humour and flights of fancy.
Renzo Rosso, founder and CEO of OTB International said, “The best creativity comes from CRAZY DREAMS”.  A machine, resembling the OCULUS RIFT, took visitors on a fully immersive, customised, virtual reality tour, starting from the exhibition hall and ending up free-falling into a lake suspended in mid-air. —George Webster (CNN)