Canine heroes

(1) BARILLO, an eight year old Metizo dog, died while trying to save a five year old boy from drowning in the sea along Italy’s Adriatic coast.  Barillo started barking, after seeing the child struggling in the sea at San Benedettodel Tronto, in the Marche region.  The canine then jumped straight into the sea to save the boy, after failing to catch the owner’s attention.  The dog brought the boy to safety, but drowned before reaching the shore —– after swallowing too much water.
(2) RUPEE touches Everest !  It’s a CANINE FIRST : —- Slumdog mountaineer !  A homeless 8-month old Indian dog named RUPEE has scripted history, by becoming the FIRST CANINE to reach Mount Everest Base Camp.  RUPEE, the first dog ever officially recorded at the Everest Base Camp at 5,364 mts. undertook the grueling challenge, against all odds, after being rescued by Joanne Lefson from a dump-site in Leh.  The puppy was dying of dehydration and starvation, when he was adopted by Joanne.  Lehson, previously hit the headlines after travelling the world with OSCAR, the famous GLOBE-TROTTING DOG.  The pair visited hundreds of famous landmarks, raising awareness for needy dogs, until Oscar passed away, following a car accident.  Joanne found RUPEE and adopted him.  They travelled together and after 8 and a half days facing snow delays, mud-slides and a yak attack en route, Rupee and Joanne reached the Base Camp, before a galloping three-and-a-half-days back down.  The team summited Base Camp and a pair of embroidered prayer flags were tied, ‘with the wish that the Gods above will bestow a home on all the homeless dogs below”. ”  The trek to the top of the world was done in Oscar’s honour”, an emotional Lefson said. 
(3) US pooch is WORLD’S FASTEST DOG ON 2 PAWS : —- JIFF, a talented 4yr old Pomeranian, in the US can shake hands, bow, ride a skateboard and even stamp his own autograph.  He has, now, entered the record books for being the World’s Fastest Dog on 2 Paws.  Guinness World Records has announced that the dog, from California, has achieved 2 new World Records : (a) for the fastest 10m run on HIND LEGS (6.56secs) and (b) for the fastest 5m run on FRONT PAWS (7.76 secs).  Jiff had to complete the 5m and 10m distances, in under 10secs., which he did in his FIRST ATTEMPT.
Why do we need Superheroes (human) when we have these CANINE HEROES ?