The bow tie is back!

f5393b0e_wide-lapels-bow-tie-submit-trashnessBlast from the past :— The bow tie was the key I the signature looks of iconic Hollywood actors : Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra to comedians Charlie Chaplin and Pee-wee Herman and personalities like Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx.

When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you.  Your posture is a little more erect, your shoulders are a little further back, your style is a little more dynamic.  Its about the re-establishment of the gentleman.  After becoming the weapon of choice for golden Hollywood greats, the bow tie was lost in fashion wilderness for decades.  Since last year, it is back from exile in such a big way that it is practically taking over the necktie.  Bow ties are neat and suggestive of cheekiness, they have a major advantage over the necktie, especially for sloppy eaters.  Bow ties used to be restricted to formal events.  Now they have been brought into casual and semi-formal wear.  They are being teamed with short suits, shirts and jeans.  They are being experimented with prints and colours and even substituting the blazer with leather jackets. 

brad_pitt_traje_negro_camisa_bThis men’s accessory dates back to the 17th century.  Croatian soldiers who travelled to France in support of King Louis tied a bow around their necks to keep their shirts closed and protect themselves from the wind and rain, since buttoned shirts were not available at the time.  King Louis was so impressed, that he made it mandatory for his upper class subjects to wear these bow ties at the palace.  over time, the fabric of the bow tie changed from white cotton to silk.  These days the bow tie comes in one piece that must be knotted and in a pre-tied option which has two clips that easily attach to the collar..  The modern avatar of the bow tie includes a variety of options from polka dotted and plaid to pinstriped.  A black and white suit or tuxedo with a black bow tie—–spells class.  Bow ties and plaid shirts are a match made in menswear heaven.  If the checked shirt is multi-coloured, do not wear a printed bow tie.  But if the plaid shirt is red and white, wear a red or black bow tie.  A lively substitute to the necktie, this men’s accessory has been irresistible this season. ——–Kasmin

Of Pocket Squares…

I have always liked pocket squares. They seem to add a very chic touch that can transform even a drab suit on occasions.  So when my son informed me that he is setting up a company that will, among other things, make pocket squares, I was excited to check it out!

At the risk of sounding biased, I must say that these squares are quite vibrant and unique! Why don’t you all see for yourself? It would be wonderful if you could send me your comments on this, purely from a consumer perspective. I will convey the same to him 🙂


The Classy Whirl FS


The name of the product is The Golda Squares.