Bottoms up

Ingredients : 90ml Moscato ; 30ml watermelon liqueur ; 30ml soda water ; wedge of watermelon for garnish (optional).
Method : Combine the Moscato with the liqueur in a glass.  Top up with seltzer water, as per your taste.  Top with watermelon wedge.
Ingredients : 120ml Pink Moscato (chilled) ; 30ml Cognac ; 1tsp lemon juice ; 3 strawberries (halved and chilled).
Method : Take ice in a shaker, add the Cognac and lemon juice and shake well.  In a chilled cocktail glass, place the strawberries, then pour the Cognac from the shaker on top.  Serve with a kiss.
Ingredients : 60ml White Zinfandel ; 60ml sweet white wine ; 30ml soda water ; 1tbsp grenadine.
Method : In a glass, pour the White Zinfandel and white wine over some ice.  Stir.  Next, pour in the grenadine and the soda water.