A very happy New Year!

A New Year (2016) has begun.  Everyone receives text messages or email wishes for a Happy New Year.  There should be something new in our lives besides the date on the calendar.
Does it bring any external or internal change ?  Internal change is the change in our viewpoint.  If our vision of life does not improve, we keep living the way we always did.
Happy New Year 2016For a happy life, it is necessary to have good health, so we must ensure that we keep our body healthy. The next requirement is that of wealth.  We must have enough wealth, both in our homes and to help those in need.  The next requirement is a discriminating intellect, which helps us to distinguish right from wrong, and it also inspires us to hold on to the right path.  Goodness, purity of emotion and feeling and truthfulness of heart are the qualities that lead to true happiness.
Let us start this year on a happy note and prepare ourselves for all that the year holds in store for us.  Let us accept all the blessings with a grateful heart, and let us try and spread happiness all around.  A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO ALL.

Year-end rituals

Each year’s regrets are envelopes in which messages of hope are found for the NEW YEAR. ——— John R. Dallas Jr.
Take a radical reboot to get past this year’s bad memories and negative experiences, and thus free you soul.  Yearends can be the perfect time for emotional makeovers.  Wrap up your emotions —— give yourself some sort of closure as 2015 comes to an end.  It is easier said than done, but be sure to not take the emotional baggage into 2016.

letting go

Renowned German psychologist Carsten Wrosch and professor of psychology at the University of Columbia, Gregory Miller, stressed the importance of learning to ‘let go’.  Wrosch said, “Bitterness can be triggered by events that are associated with feelings of unfairness, which make people feel like the victim”.  Latching on to this feeling for too long is hazardous to the mind and body.  This, creating ‘year-end rituals’, both ‘celebratory’ and ’empowering’, becomes a necessity.

Wrap it up, de-clutter your emotions, release the bondage which perpetuates negative emotions, and release the clouds of negative attachment, and practise the art of forgiveness, and thus we can bring happiness to others and ourselves.
Japanese New YearClosure is a personal process.  So, how does one go about wrapping memories and emotions that refuse to leave us ?  Psychologist Sonali Gupta feels that the first step is to accept that we don’t have control over some things.  Next, pen down your experiences or channelize grief into an art form like poetry, dance or painting.  Be thankful for every moment, and this exercise of gratitude allows us to continuously seek and appreciate positive experiences as compared to holding on to the negative moments.  Lastly, do not forget to exhale to release the tension.
Italians throw out old things out of their windows every New Year’s Eve.  On December 31st, people walking the streets actually have to look out for falling objects.  In Ecuador, people make dummies, stuffed with straw, to represent events of the past year.  These ANO VIEJO or “effigies”are burned at midnight, symbolically getting rid of the past.  In Spain, people put 12 grapes into their wine at midnight.  The grapes represent the months of the year ahead.  At the stroke of midnight, after raising a toast, people eat the grapes as quickly as possible, making a wish on each one.  In Japan, OSOJI or “end of year cleaning and purification” in offices and homes is quite common.  This ritual welcomes the TOSHIGAMI-SAMA (God of the New Year).
——– Nona.Walia@timesgroup.com. 

2015 – year end

YEAR ENDS are a time to ‘pause’, ‘ruminate’, ‘to be reassured’ of our life’s trajectory, or ‘consider’ taking corrective measures.  Here are a few thoughts picked from this year’s O-zone to help you along.

positive new year

* Harness the power of your thoughts.  Life does not follow the path of our desires and strategies, but that of our intentions and beliefs.  To know and accept what your desire, attracts that same reality to you.  You can transform your dreams to reality by the power of your thoughts  Such is the power of the mind.  Unpeel that wrapping.

* Is chaos your Mantra to success ?  Sometimes it is the untried path that lead to success and fulfilment.  How does one discipline the wilderness that is your very life force ?  Chaos may be your style, and indiscipline your mantra to success.  Stir things up a bit, creating a momentary, controlled squall, rather than staying frozen in familiar routines.
* What is your differentiator ?  Are you one of a crowd or do you stand apart ?  What distinguishes you from others and gives you that cutting edge ?  All of us are unique, but we pour ourselves into readily-available casts.  It is important to step out of boxes and explore possibilities.
* ‘TAWAZUN’, the art of balance.  Everything exists because its opposite exists too.  Take one away, and the other loses value.  The art is in balancing opposing elements and drawing from them to create a dynamic, throbbing whole.  You are good not because you have no bad within you, but because you have resisted it and struck a balance.

positive quotes new year

* Get rid of your Black Holes.  Are you aware of people and activities that waste your time and sap energy ?  Identify these Black Holes and make life meaningful.  Get rid of enervators such as emotional turmoil and agitation, or mindless engagement with people whose mental energies and preoccupations don’t match yours.

* Stop stripping off bits of yourself to please others, or to keep a relationship going.  A yearning for dignity lies at the root of our desires and aspirations.

New Year resolutions

All of us have done it ——– MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.  All of have also done this ——— BREAK RESOLUTIONS.
Year after year we make up our minds to achieve something. and more often than not, we give up halfway.  According to mental health expert Jenev Cadell, there are specific reasons why we usually don’t go through with our New Year Resolutions.
new-years-resolutions(1) Setting Goals That Are Too Big :  BE REALISTIC while setting your goals. If you weigh 90 kg, there’s no point making a resolution to lose 40 kg.  It most probably won’t happen.  One of the rules for smart goal-setting involves creating goals that are achievable.  If you truly believe you can achieve something, you will be more likely to go after it.
(2) Making Resolutions That Are Too General : YOU WON’T go far if your resolution is, for example, to be a nicer person.  You have to be definite.  What aspect of yourself do you want to change?  How are you going to go about it ?
(3) Giving Up Too Soon :  GYMS ARE always full in January, but by the next month, only the strong-willed are seen around.  The problem is that people give up too soon.  Sticking to any new behaviour, that is not habitual, can be challenging.  Habits take weeks of practice and consistency to stick.  Do not give up on your resolution, before the habit has even had a chance to form.
(4) Not Believing In Yourself : THIS WILL be your biggest hurdle.  You have to believe in yourself that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve, otherwise, there is little point in going after it.

The gifting season

During the festive Christmas and New Year ‘GIFTING SEASON’, we devote so much thought and time  to the gifts we give other people, especially our family and friends.  We think only of ‘things.’  We forget to gift ourselves.  There are so many ‘MAGICAL GIFTS’ that are more valuable than the ‘things’ we purchase. They are ‘within our reach’ and they are ‘free.’
The SPECIAL GIFTS that we can gift ourselves :
(1) EXERCISE : If you exercise, even for 15 minutes a day, you will be healthier, live longer and feel more alert.
(2) YOGA : It confers similar benefits as exercise.  It adds a ‘ZING’ to your step and makes your muscles shed their laziness.
(3) MEDITATION : is invaluable.  It endows you with a peaceful mind, calm demeanour and true ‘inner silence.’  Silence is a powerful gift.  Once you experience true ‘inner silence’ you will want to stay in this state forever.
(4) LEARNING SOMETHING NEW : This gift keeps you younger and more interested in life.
(5) READING : Give this gift not only to yourself, but also to your children.
(6) PERSONAL HYGIENE : Even small things as brushing your teeth, before bed-time,  can have a great impact on your well-being.  General cleanliness matters a lot.
(7) SMILING : You will be surprised how this gift will make a difference to your life and to the life of others around you.  “Smile, and the world smiles with you,” “If you see someone without a smile, GIVE HIM ONE OF YOURS.”
(8) EMPATHY : This amazing gift broadens your life.
(9) TOLERANCE : We are very quick to take offence.  We are prejudiced against people and things.  We divide the world into “OURS” who can do no wrong and “OTHERS” who can do no right.
(10) ACTIVE CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT : We can do this not only in a theoretical way, but we should also actively promote good practices such as recycling, water conservation and promoting greenery.
If all of can give ourselves at least some of the “MAGICAL GIFTS”, mentioned above, during the GIFTING SEASON, we will be the richer, and we will also make the lives of others around, beyond any ‘material gifts’ we can give them.  Select your gift, open them with your will-power and revel in them for many happy years to come.
——— Kishore Asthana.