Silent dialogue

Prayer is an experience of resurrection, a rebirth, the birth of a new vision, new dimension, new way of looking at things and a new way of being.  Prayer is not something that you do : PRAYER IS SOMETHING THAT YOU BECOME.  It is a state of being.  It has nothing to do with words that you utter in the temples, mosques and churches.  It is a SILENT DIALOGUE WITH EXISTENCE.  It is to be in tune with the total, with the whole.
And prayer is such a vast experience that it contains contradiction.  So, one can say : PRAYER IS SILENCE —— and he is absolutely right.  And another can say : PRAYER IS DIALOGUE —— and he is right too, because PRAYER IS A DIALOGUE IN SILENCE.  Now DIALOGUE and SILENCE seem to be contradictory.  In DIALOGUE you SPEAK, in SILENCE you HEAR.  In DIALOGUE you COMMUNICATE, in SILENCE you ARE SIMPLY THERE —— there is nothing to say.


What can be said to “existence” ?  He knows all that you can say in the first place.  you can bow down, celebrate.  But still your bowing down, celebration, festivity, thankfulness, gratitude —— they are still ways of speaking.  You are trying to say something without words, because words are very small and the heart really wants to say something.

So, it is “dialogue”, although “silent”.  It is a communication in a sense, because you are there and the whole existence becomes your beloved, the whole existence becomes a “thou”.  And yet there is no “I” and there is no “thou”  ———– BOTH DISAPPEAR.  Both meet and merge into one unity, one organic whole.  Just as the dewdrop disappears in the ocean, you disappear.  There is no separation between you and existence, so how can there be a dialogue ?
Science gives definitions, Religion cannot.  You ask, “What is water ?” and it says “H2O”  Prayer is subjective.  It is not an object that can be analysed.  You cannot show your prayer to anybody.  When prayer exists, it is not that prayer exists in you ———- on the contrary, YOU EXIST IN PRAYER.  You vibrate in that enormous dimension; that plenitude.
Prayer is a feeling of immense gratitude and thankfulness.  You are in this beautiful world, with these trees and rivers, mountains and stars, and you are pulsating, you are alive.  You have not earned this opportunity—– IT IS A GIFT.  Prayer is thank fullness for this gift of life.  Just to breathe is such a joy, just to open your eyes and see the greenery.  Just to listen to the chirping of birds, or the sound of running water or the silence of the night, or the dawn and sun rising ………. We have not earned all this.  They have been given to us, and we are not even thankful.
Prayer is a way of living, it is not something that you do early in the morning like a ritual.  If it is a ritual, it is meaningless.  A man of prayer remains in prayer 24 HOURS A DAY.  Prayer is deep down at the core of one’s being.
Man has lost many capacities, and one of the most important has been the capacity to pray ——- because it is only through prayer that we make a bridge between our tine self and the Infinite and the Absolute.
—- Abridged from THE PERFECT MASTER, courtesy : Osho International Foundation,  (Speaking Tree).

The right way to pray


Much that perplexes us in our experience is the answer to our prayers.  We do not know what we should pray for as we ought.
We pray for “patience”, and God sends those who tax us to the utmost, for “tribulation worketh patience”.  We pray for “submission” and sufferings come our way, for ” we learn obedience by the things we suffer”.  We pray for “unselfishness”, and God gives us opportunities to sacrifice ourselves by thinking on the things of others.
We pray for “strength” & “humility”, and someone torments us until we lie down in defeat.  We ask God to “increase our faith”, and money takes wings, or someone is taken ill or a servant comes who is careless and untidy, or some hitherto unknown trial calls for an “increase of faith” along a line where we have not needed to exercise much faith before.–We pray for “gentleness” and someone is very harsh and irritable to us.  We pray for “quiet” and every nerve is strung to the utmost tension.  We pray for “love”, and God sends people to us who say things that lacerate the heart.——- The way to “peace” & “victory” is to accept every circumstance, every trial as coming straight from a loving Father’s Hand.

Indian prayer

I prayed for strength, and then I lost awhile
All sense of nearness, human and divine
The love I leaned on failed and pierced my heart
The hands I clung to loosed themselves from mine
But while I swayed, weak, trembling and alone
The everlasting arms upheld my own.
I prayed for light, the sun went down in clouds
The moon was darkened by a misty doubt
The stars of Heaven were dimmed by earthly fears
And all my little candle flames  burned out
But while I sat in shadow, wrapped in night
The face of God made all the darkness bright.
I prayed for peace, and dreamed of restful ease
A slumber drugged from pain, a hushed repose
Above my head the skies were black with storm
And fiercer grew the onslaught of my foes
But while the battle raged, and wild winds blew
I heard His voice and perfect peace I knew.
I thank You, Lord,You were too wise to heed
My feeble prayers, and answer as I sought
Since these rich gifts Your bounty has bestowed
Have brought me more than all I asked or thought
Giver of good, so answer each request
—————Annie Johnson Flint.

Vibhishana’s surrender


Every jiva’s or individual’s final duty is to surrender to the Supreme.  In Vedanta, the path of knowledge, the ego is destroyed in realisation of the Self through knowledge. When the ego is dropped, all problems come to an end.  On the path of devotion, the surrender to the Supreme is called “saranagati” or “prapatti”.  The Almighty assures that anyone who goes to Him even once and says, “O God I am yours,” is released from fear.
In the Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna says : “Giving up all dharmas —— of body, mind and intellect —– take refuge in Me alone, I shall release you from all sins, grieve not.”  Sins are the cause of fear.  Whether we are released from sins or fear, it means the same thing.
Surrender is possible only when one recognises one’s total helplessness.  As long as we feel that we, with our own strength, can achieve things or put an end to all our troubles and sorrows, we cannot surrender.  Sometimes we depend on friends and relatives for help.  However, the moment they realise you are in trouble, many of them begin to avoid you.  That’s why they are called “relatives” and not “absolutes”.  Even if they are good enough to help, they are limited in their powers.  When people realise their limitations of their own strength, money, power, people and so on, they experience an acute helplessness and this leads to surrender.
To take refuge in someone, I must first have faith in the existence of that entity.  A non-believer will not be able to surrender to God, because he does not believe in Him.  So, it is important to have faith in the existence of God, His omnipotence and His compassion.  It is not enough to know all this, we must actually seek His protection by surrendering unconditionally.
Tulasidas says : “O Lord, I am yours, do whatever you think, whichever way you want to shower your grace and blessings.”  This is surrender.
In the Ramcharitmanas, Vibhishana’s surrender to Sri Rama is depicted very beautifully.  Vibhishana was alredy a devotee of Rama, and was finding it difficult to live with Ravana and toe his line.  So, at last, he was happy to surrender to Sri Rama,saying, “O Lord, I have heard about your resolve to accept anyone who surrenders to you and seeks refuge in you.  I have heard your great name, great glory and great resolve.  And, that is why I have come here.  Now I surrender to you.” With these words, he fell at His feet.
Rama was very pleased.  This jiva (individual) had got separated from Him and was wandering here and there since time unknown. Finally, he had come back to him.  If a child gets angry and leaves the house or is lost somewhere for a long time, won’t his parents welcome him with open arms on his return ?  The Supreme is also pleased because every individual, after all, an integral part of Him.  The episode of Vibhishana’s surrender highlights the joy of true surrender to every spiritual seeker.
———-Swami Tejomayananda.  

All things work for good

Many people want power.  How is power produced ?  In huge factories, trolley engines are supplied with electricity.  There is a hum and roar of countless wheels.  How do they make power ?  That’s easy.  Power is made just by the revolution of those wheels and the friction they produce.  Thus, the friction creates the electric current.
And so, when God wants to bring more ‘power’ into your life, He brings more ‘pressure’.  He is generating spiritual force by friction.  Some of us do not like it and try to run away from the pressure, instead of getting the power and using it to rise above the painful causes.
Opposition is essential to a true equilibrium  forces.  The ‘centripetal’ and ‘centrifugal’ forces acting in opposition to each other keep our planet in her orbit.  The on propelling, and the other repelling, so act and re-act, that instead of sweeping off into space in a pathway of desolation, she pursues her even orbit around her solar centre.
Thus, God guides our lives.  It is not enough to have  an ‘impelling force’, we need just as much a ‘repelling force’, and so He holds us back by the testing ordeals of life, by the pressure of temptation and trial, by the things that seem against us, but really are furthering our way and establishing our goings.
Let us thank Him for both, let us take the ‘weights’ and the ‘wings’, and thus divinely impelled, let us press on with faith and patience in our lives.


 In a a factory building there are wheels and gearings
There are cranks and pulleys, belts tight or slack
Some are whirling swiftly, some are turning slowly
Some are thrusting forward, some are pulling back
Some are smooth and silent, some are rough and noisy
Pounding, rattling, clanking, moving with a jerk.
In a wild confusion in a seeming chaos
Lifting, pushing, driving —- but they o their work
From the mightiest lever to the tiniest pinion
All things move together for the purpose planned
And behind the working is a min controlling
And a force directing, and a guiding hand.
So all the things are working for the Lord’s beloved
Some things might be hurtful if alone they stood
Some might seem to hinder, some might draw us backward
But they work together, and they work for good
All the thwarted longings, all the stern denials
All the contradictions, hard to understand
And the force that holds them, speeds them and retards them
Stops and starts and guides them

Spa for the soul

We live in an age of doubts, confusion and criticism, where questions are often raised about the existence of God and methods of prayers offered.
Akshardham12First of all comes the million-dollar question : Does God exist ?
Vivekananda once defined darkness as the absence of light and cold as the absence of heat.
Taking a cue from him, we can define God as a presence of energy and faith as an absence of doubt.  The next question follows : If the energy is within us and our Soul or Atman is part of the Parmatman, then why do we build places of worship to establish communication with Him, and that too when most of the popular abodes of the Almighty are situated in remote locations or in high mountains ?
The reason why we visit places of worship, because the stone walls of the temple have absorbed the positive vibrations of prayers and thanksgiving sent by millions of devotees who come here.  Perhaps, the walls have even absorbed all the energies that the worshippers radiated.
After all, rarely would a person enter the hallowed premises of any place of worship with emotions of anger, revenge or any other kind of negative feeling.  So, logically the place would be overflowing with positive thoughts, humility and tranquillity.  The same would be absorbed and radiated back to subsequent worshippers.
Church_of_the_Infant_JesusThe idol of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum becomes the focal point.  It absorbs, radiates, re-absorbs and re-radiates.  So, going to places of worship is the best possible way to recharge your dwindling batteries of energy, hope and faith.  They are “spas” that rejuvenate your soul.  The best part is that this “energy therapy”  comes “free”, and if anyone tells you that you need to pay a price for it by way of donations and offerings, then he is conning you.
 Have you ever realised that after a long walk, you feel light and healthy ?  That is because the activity helps you shed your troubles and travails.  Perhaps that was the reason why our forefathers built places of worship in faraway places, away from the humdrum of daily life.  The long walk to the shrine was intended to be therapeutic.  It lifted you out of your lethargy, gave you a purpose and focussed your thoughts on that which was closest to your heart at that point of time, thus giving you clarity of vision and determination of purpose. –
So, don’t hesitate to establish your connect with the Creator.  Reach out and feel the all-pervading energy that makes the world go around.
—————- D. D. Sharma.  

A power greater than our own

When we play a game, we often become so engrossed in it that we forget everything else.  In the same way, we become so engrossed in our daily lives that we forget who we really are.  That forgetfulness cuts us off from our true power. –
In a parable, the vine provides nutrients and life to a branch, without which its vine is merely a dead twig.  We, too, must connect to a flow of energy from a power greater than our own. –


For those who are connected to a spiritual path, the ‘Guru’ is the ‘vine’, the ‘source of power’ that sustains.  When we cut ourselves from the source that sustains us, we are left with the ‘power of ego’  The ‘ego’ has its realm, mainly in a small area of human activity involving intellect, choice and the ability to function in society.  But, if we consider the many basic bodily processes that are not under our conscious control, such as breathing, circulation, digestion and the beating of the heart, we see that their is a deeper power sustaining us.  God does nearly everything, leaving only the tiniest part to us.
When we assemble all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, except the last one, we turn the final piece in many different ways and, eventually, with a sense of accomplishment say, “I’ve done it”.  God does 999 pieces of the puzzle, and when we put the last piece in place, we say, “I did it all myself”.
Our ‘egos’ are like little jets of flame on a gas burner : each one has the appearance of individuality, each is, in fact, but a spurt of the unifying gas underneath.  As our consciousness expands, we become more and more aware of our connection to the Divine Source.


To open ourselves more fully to that source, we need to realise first that we have much more ‘inner strength’ when we realise —– that the energy, intelligence and will we are using come from an ‘infinite ocean’.  Our will power is like a ‘faucet’.  As we open the valve, more and more water flows through.
Second, we have to connect to the deeper, more expansive parts of ourselves.  This we can do by overcoming the delusion that we alone are the doer.  God is the Doer through us.
Third, we need to attune our consciousness to the ‘Guru’, who could help us realise our ‘divinity’.  Fourth, we need devotion  It is through the love of our hearts that we open a channel to that sustaining power.  Grace then comes in, like sunlight through a window, and changes our consciousness.
 Finally, we need to meditate deeply, and thus experience God’s energy as the sound of “AUM” or as light.  We expand, not only by contacting that power, but also by offering ourselves into it.  It’s like the branch and its leaves offering energy back to the vine that sustains it.  As we deepen our connection with the Divine, finally, we learn that there is no “I and Thou”.  There is only the one Source.  Then, with a flood of love, we re-establish our union with God and find our true power.
——– Jyotish Novak.  

Launch out into the deep

Launch out into the deep (Luke 5:4)  How deep he does not say.  The depth into which we launch will depend upon how perfectly we have given up the shore, and the greatness of our need, and the apprehension of our possibilities.  The fish were to be found in the deep —– not in the shallow water.
So with us, our needs are to be met in the deep things of God.  We are to launch out into the deep of God’s Word, which can open up to us such crystal fathomless meaning that the same words we have accepted in times past will have an ocean meaning in them, which renders their first meaning to us very shallow.
How-God-Helps-You-with-Impossible-SituationsInto the deep of God’s Word, that it becomes an omnipotent balm and food and medicine for the soul and body.  Into the deep, until it becomes a bright. dazzling, sweet, fathomless summer sea, in which we bathe and bask and breathe, and lose ourselves and our sorrows in the calmness and peace of God’s everlasting presence.  Into the deep, until we apprehend it in its infinite minuteness and goodness, and its far-sweeping provision and care for us.
Into the deep, until He becomes a bright, marvellous answer to prayer, the most careful and tender guidance, the most thoughtful anticipation of our needs, the most accurate and supernatural shaping of our events.  Into the deep of God’s purposes, until the mental eye is dazed with light, and the heart flutters with inexpressible anticipation of its joy.
Into all of these things God bids us launch.  He made us and He made the deep, and to its fathomless depths He has fitted our longings and capabilities.
Its streams the whole creation reach
So plenteous is the store
Enough for all, enough for each
Enough forevermore.
Joseph_Anton_Koch_006The deep water of the Spirit are always accessible, because they are always proceeding.  Will you not this day claim afresh to be immersed and drenched in these waters of life ?  The waters in Ezekiel’s vision first of oozed from under the doors of the temple.  Then the man with the measuring line measured and found the waters to the ankles.  Still further measurement, and there was water to the knees, and again to the loins.  Then they became waters to swim in —— a river that could not be crossed over.
How far have we advanced into this river of life ?  The Spirit would have a complete self-effacement.  Not merely ankle-deep, knee-deep, loin-deep ——- But self-deep.  We ourselves hidden out of sight and bathed in this life-giving stream.  Let go the shore-lines and LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP.