The soul is layered

Once there were two frogs who lived in a well.  One day one of the frogs jumped out of the well and disappeared.  He was gone for several days, and when he returned, the other frog asked him where he had been.

“There is such a whole big world out there beyond the well”, said the first frog, and he began to describe all the sights and sounds he had heard. ” You must be making all this up”, said the second frog.  “There is nothing but this well.  You are imagining all the things you have told me.  If there were all those things you describe, then surely they would be here in the well.  I have not seen them.  They cannot possibly exist”.

human soul

Often we are like the second frog  We my think that because we have not seen all there is to see, that nothing else exists.  We close our mind like the frog in the well.  There was a time when people believed that the world was flat, until an explorer proved it was round  There was a time when scientists believed that the Earth was the centre of the Universe and the Sun revolved around it, until they discovered this to be false.  Throughout the ages, there have been visionaries who discovered their soul.  They left behind accounts of their experiences in the form of scriptures and oral traditions, which were then recorded by their students.  We are their beneficiaries and we can try these techniques for ourselves.  We some practice, we can expand our inner vision.

We need a burning desire to find out who we really are.  When we want something intensely, we become so focussed that we block out other distractions.  When we desire to awaken our soul, it responds and its faint call can be heard.  Its own power starts to stir and our attention can no longer ignore it.  The stronger the cry, the more our attention is drawn to it.  With time, the call of the world can become more and more faint as our attention is pulled irresistibly towards love, music and bliss of our soul.

——–Sant Rajinder Singhji.


Where is the soul?

The “treasures of our soul” remain hidden under the layers of mind, matter and illusion.  Our attention is focused on the outer world instead of the inner one.  We keep adding more coverings through our mind’s desires, which lead us to anger, violence, lust, greed, attachment, deceit and ego.
Where is the soul in the body ?  What is its size and shape ?  Where do we look to find it when we talk about the soul and speak of its characteristics ?  But is there any way to describe our soul ?
Our soul transcends physical description because it is not made of matter.  Matter has weight and takes up space.  But the soul is spirit,  and as spirit, it is invisible.
When doctors dissect a body they find only matter.  They cannot find the soul, as the soul belongs to a dimension in which there is only light and sound, but not the one we know of in this world.  They are of a purer form of which the light and sound in the physical universe are but a reflection.

The soul

We, as soul, are a light brighter than 16 outer suns, yet it is not a scorching, burning light.  It is a light that is soothing and loving.  We vibrate with a celestial harmony that cannot be heard with our physical ears.

The soul is connected to the physical body through a silver cord that is invisible to the eyes.  Saints and Mystics have referred to this cord.  It is a luminous thread that allows the soul to transcend the body and travel into spiritual realms.
At the time of death, the silver cord severs from the body so that the soul does not return to the body.  When the soul leaves the body in meditation however, the silver cord remains intact so that the soul can return to the body.  The outer expression of our soul is attention.  Attention is spread throughout our body.  It is the soul that gives life to our body.  A body devoid of a soul or in which the silver cord has been cut is not alive.  The seat of the soul lies at a point between and behind the two eyebrows, in a place known as the “third eye”.
It is also referred to as the 10th door, sixth chakra, ajna chakra, daswan dwar, tisra til and mount of transfiguration.  By concentration on this point in meditation, we can gain access to the soul.This point is a doorway through which the soul can enter into the spiritual realms within.
————- Sant Rajinder Singhji. (Head of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission)   

Whirl in stillness

It is amazing how many people are caught up in emotional turbulence, seemingly unable to rest their stormy minds and hearts enough to set a steady pace to life and their own selves.  Moving in and out of relationships, switching jobs, hobbies, engagements or targets ———— or simply just changing moods ————– they just jettison off on their varied trajectories before whirling back into a mutual sphere again.
This is the kin of restlessness and emotional unease usually associated with adolescence, which is a time of insecurity.  So then, why are people in their 30s, and beyond, caught in an emotional whirl and leading insecure, volatile lives ?  Inhabiting chaotic, purposeless emotional landscapes masses relationships, friendships and our very lives. —–The solution is not in quelling the chaos ——– who needs a sedate, boring life ?  It is in harnessing the turbulence to meet our purpose.  So blinded are we by images of plenty and runaway success that we forget the true meaning of happiness, chasing an elusive goal rather than focussing on the present and the achievable.  The chaos can be harnessed to enhance the meaning of life as we live it.  With keen alertness and awareness, we can turn the direction of the turbulent waters to nourish and nurture, rather than destroy us.


There is nothing wrong in movement, in the chaos or whirl itself, so long as it follows logic and has a sense of purpose.  We inhabit a planet that is part of a whirling cosmic choreography.  We ourselves are made of atoms that include constantly-revolving electrons, protons and neutrons.    Our blood revolves within our body, nourishing it and keeping us alive. But then, each of these whirls serves a purpose.  And, so can the whirling of our minds and thoughts, only if we consciously anchor the same.
Just like the whirling dervishes.  A friend who relates with mystics and Sufis spoke about a fascinating detail of how in olden times, a nail would be driven into the ground between the toes of a dervish to ensure that his left foot never left the ground during his ecstatic whirl.  The fixed left foot as the dervish takes his twirl, symbolises his grounding on Earth.  Jalaluddin Rumi said the whirling dervishes represent the solar system, and during the dance make contact with divinity and end up creating new worlds.
So the whirl has a purpose —– a movement that is not just circular, but kind of spiralling —— rising, growing, expanding —— towards divinity and creation.  A dance that may seem pointless to some, much like the whirls we executed as children before flopping giddily on the grass, is actually a mystical journey within one’s own self, and a reaching out to God.
So then what is wrong with a whirling mind ?  With just a change of perspective, we can shift the chaos to a creative turbulence that precedes the creation of all things beautiful.  So long as we have our conscious, safe anchors, the mental and emotional turbulence we carry around with us we can serve a great purpose too.
 “How can my soul be still when I am whirling in stillness ? (Rumi)

Good and bad karma

Most people believe that as spiritual beings, our souls survive death, and continue their existence in a spiritual realm.  Others believe in reincarnation or rebirth on the material plane, still others believe in transmigration of souls, or rebirth in different forms in accordance with one’s karma.
Heaven and hell are described as places where the virtuous find happiness and sinners languish in suffering.  In reality, they are not places but states of existence of joy and sorrow, of having attained nearness to God or being distanced from the Divine threshold in accordance with our deeds.  The key to proximity to the Divine threshold is the performance of good deeds.  We are required to do all the good possible, so that at the end of each day we find ourselves on the credit side.  We should question ourselves each night and answer honestly.  “Was I completely sincere today ?  Was I humble, kind and generous ?  Was I frank and courageous, obedient and faithful ?  Or, was I dishonest, proud, impatient and quarrelsome, unkind and miserly, deceitful and cowardly , disobedient and disloyal ?”  The personal audit takes five minutes.  You confess to yourself only, and the exercise comes to be a gradual self-purification and spiritually rewarding process.  This is also called an examination of conscience.  Eventually, it leads to salvation.
49c8f702349af4f69f8e0ddcd1ec653cA kind of personal audit was suggested by a wise man to a conscientious seeker.  “For every sin you commit, drive a nail into the wall of your room. And for every good deed, draw out a nail.  At the end of the month you will know by the number of nails in the wall, whether your sins were greater or your good deeds outdid the bad deeds.”  This the man did faithfully.
At the end of the month, he found he had no nails in the wall, but was left with a scarred wall, where the hails were wrenched out.  He went back to the wise man and reported : “I have no nails left, but my wall is damaged.”  “That,” the wise man said, “is the scar left on your soul, even though your sins and good deeds may seem balanced.”

Awaken your soul

It is essential to begin every day with gratitude..  The essence of how to bring happiness to your life is to rise early in the morning, and say ‘thank you’.  Offer your prayers, meditate, practise something that connects you with the Creator. These aren’t just simple acts, but ways to AWAKEN YOUR SOUL.  That’s what you need every morning, to awaken your soul, not just the body.
It is important to work honestly and to share material things.  If people can do that, they will be happy.  It is essential to find peace through meditation , as we are facing conflicts on an every day basis.  When you practise yoga and chant every morning, you establish a connection with God.  Even when the heart is broken, that you feel that you cannot go on, you can turn your experience into a positive one, with faith.
Mornings are a time for reflection.  In the practice of rising up in the ambrosial hours, and praying, you purify the mind.  Live consciously.  Keep your body clean ——- cleanliness is next to Godliness ——–Act with compassion.  Learn the science of breathing :  BREATHE DEEP, you will live well; BREATHE SHALLOW, you will live shallow.
—- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

Eyes: Windows to the soul

Looking deep into your own eyes, or another’s can be an uncomfortable experience, because not all of us are prepared for the truths revealed.  THE EYES NEVER LIE.  Eyes are the WINDOWS TO THE SOUL, they indicate the  ———REAL YOU.  Have you ever tried looking into your own eyes ?  Most people are scared of doing so.  Self-help gurus encourage us to do so.  Our eyes can, sometimes, reveal truths that we are not prepared to face      You could fool the whole world, and even yourself into believing whatever your minds wants you to believe, but the ACCUSING LOOK, the HURT in your eyes will pull you up sharply.  A poet put it beautifully, when trying to explain the connection between the eyes and the soul, “Eyes mirror our souls ………. actually they don’t.  THEY HAVE BEEN CARVED OUT OF OUR SOULS.”
mysterious blueJust like the body, the eyes have a LANGUAGE OF THEIR OWN.  Here are a few interesting tips from body language experts :  Too much blinking can indicate discomfort, while someone who hardly blinks may be trying to hide something.  Looking directly at you? Interested in you and the conversation. Too prolonged a gaze? Threatening and could be obsessive.  Looking away frequently ? Distracted and hiding something.  Looking closely at the eyes of a romantic interest, can help you figure out if they are interested in you.  Dilated pupils indicate interest.
If a person looks up towards the left, he is trying to visualise an image, when he looks up towards the right, he is trying to remember an actually remembered image.  When someone looks down towards the left, experts say he is trying to recreate a remembered taste, touch or vision.  When he looks down towards the right,he is talking to himself.
A doctor looks into your eyes to gauge your health, because the eyes are the only part of the body where a doctor can see veins, arteries and nerve, without having to cut you open.  Eyes can indicate liver disease, diabetes and even cholesterol.——-One cannot exaggerate the number of songs and poetry penned about eyes.  As the pool said in Oscar Wilde’s THE DISCIPLE: “But was Narcissus beautiful ? I loved Narcissus because, as he lay on my banks  and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes, I saw even my own beauty mirrored.”

The neglected wife

Once there was a king who had four wives.  He loved his 4th wife the most, as she was young and beautiful.  He adorned her with rich robes and treated her to the finest delicacies.  He also loved his 3rd wife, she was his confidante and was kind, considerate and patient with him.  He liked his 2nd wife too and took good care of her.  But, he never bothered to listen to his 1st wife —— who was an introvert.  She, occasionally gave hints to the king about what is good and bad within the kingdom.
One day the king fell ill, and he knew his time was short.  He thought of his luxurious life and pondered : “I now have 4 wives, but when I die I will be all alone”.  With this fear, in mind, he wanted to take one of his wives along with him.  First, he called his youngest wife and asked her, “I have loved you the most, and endowed you with the finest clothing, and showered great care over you.  Now, that I’m dying, will you follow me and keep me company ?”  “No way”, she replied, “Life is too good.  Frankly, once you die, I’m going to remarry.”  The King was shocked, and he felt sad.  Then he turned to his 3rd wife.  “No way”, she replied, “There are lots of things I need to take care of after you die.  At most, I can send to your grave”, and she walked away.  He then asked his 2nd wife, and she replied, “I’m sorry, I cannot follow you and give you company.  Though I will not be able to survive without you, I will burn myself on your funeral pyre.”  The King’s heart sank.
Then he heard a voice say, “I’ll leave with you and follow you, no matter where you go.”  He looked up and there was his 1st wife.  She had turned skinny and wasn’t too well.  He had never bothered to pay any attention to her, after marrying 3 other women.  Greatly grieved, he realised his mistake and said, ” I should have taken better care of you, when I had the chance.”
All of us have 4 wives in our lives.  Our 4th wife ———POSSESSIONS  & WEALTH –It will leave us and go to others after we die.  Our 3rd wife —-OUR FAMILY —no matter how much they have been there, the furthest they can stay by us is up to our grave.  Our 2nd wife —- OUR BODY —- it cannot survive after our death.  And our 1st wife —– OUR SOUL (inner self) —–often neglected, in pursuit of wealth, power and pleasures of the ego.  But, in the end, OUR SOUL is the only thing that will follow us, wherever we go. 
So, let us strengthen , feed, cherish and attend to our 1st wife (OUR SOUL), OUR INNER SELF.
—Sri Ramesh Jain.