Turban Headwrap

Once, just worn at music festivals, the TURBANED LOOK is back.  Several designers have been styling their collections with this accessory, that can also work as a HEADBAND.
KEY POINTS TO WEARING ONE : —–(1) Be Confident : This is totally different to try, and you are also hiding your hair, so if you are not comfortable, IT WILL SHOW.
(2) Keep It Simple : Let the rest of the outfit be in single colour monochrome OR wear plain white or cream.
(3) If you want to wear one, to work casually, try a FLORAL TURBAN, over a simple black top and slim pants.
(4) For a night about town, go for one, with a shimmer material OR in black lace.
(5) Make use of extra fabric strips, by stitching them together, and creating your OWN TURBAN HEADBAND.
—–Ismat Tahseen