Flower power

Every zodiac sign is associated with a flower in God’s garden.
HoneysuckleARIES : The honeysuckle ——— Bees never resist the lure of the honeysuckle, its sweet scent and its honeyed nectar.  ARIES too tend to be the centre of attention, given your magnetism and charm.  But the honeysuckle is also a vine that clings to those around it and asks you the same this week, are you entwining yourself to persons and issues that aren’t your business ?  Choose your battles wisely.  The aroma of honeysuckle offers discrimination, it allows you to decipher the difference between true and false.  Honeysuckle also transforms anger into love and everyone knows how fiery the Ram’s temper is.
Poppy flowerTAURUS : The Poppy ——— Poppy as in popular : steadfast and devoted, you may not be sultry like Scorpio or fashionable like Aries but you are who everyone counts on as a true friend.  Your winning attributes are your simplicity, honesty and loving nature.  This week poppy asks you not to be stubborn or fixated on certain ideas but to go with the flow.  Certain concepts you are holding on to have become outdated and you need to change with the times.  TAUREANS can be tough.  The poppy seed (khus khus) has traditionally been used in Indian kitchens as cooling food.  Poppy oil is a natural painkiller.
LavenderGEMINI : The Lavender  ——- Like lavender landscapes green meadows with flecks of psychic purple, your creativity and intellect  contributes to the ideas of those around you and offers unique solutions.  Lavender asks you to make your health your first priority this week as you are ignoring aches and pains to get work on time.  Procrastination is bad in itself but with regards to health it can be fatal.  GEMINIS usually suffer from insomnia and stress-related ailments.  Sipping lavender tea diminishes hyperactivity and lighting a lavender-scented candle in your bedroom will help you to sleep better.
Iris flowerCANCER : The Iris —— Named after the Roman Goddess of the rainbow due to its iridescence, Iris is a flower that symbolises  majesty and royalty.  CANCERIANS too despite their initial introverted approach rule maternity and cardinal leadership.  This week you will feel threatened by some malice and spite but Iris reminds you that your position expects you to respond in a dignified manner.  Be practical, not emotional.  The perfume of Iris opens up your soul and your third-eye, encouraging the shy Cancer to come out of its shell.  Iris helps you seek out inner beauty and be true to yourself.
Marigold flowerLEO:  The Marigold  ——- Marigold is heady, rich and luxuriant.  Like LEO, it suggests a love for the finer things in life.  It is often wreathed into garlands offered to Hindu Gods.  Marigold gifts you  with the skills of extroversion and natural leadership.  The flower also reminds you to be gracious with those who are less fortunate than you this week.  You will have to walk that extra mile to help an acquaintance through troubled times.  You may feel selfish but your kind heart will get the better of you.  LEOS are more susceptible to rashes and skin breakouts and a tea made out of the petals of marigold can cure most skin ailments and oily complexions.
ChrysanthemumVIRGO :  The Chrysanthemum  ——– The Chrysanthemum is one of the most common and overlooked flowers in the Indian garden but it also has a simplicity and a durability that make it a popular choice among gardeners.  Like the chrysanthemum it is your resilience and your practicality that are your strengths.  VIRGO is called the virgin because you are not easily swayed by the lures of this world.  This week, Chrysanthemum urges Virgo to avoid complicated tactics to solving situations.  You will find easy answers if you keep it simple and minimalistic.  The Chinese steeped chrysanthemums, rock sugar and wolfberries in a kettle and sipped the tea as an antidote to heart attack.
Rose flowerLIBRA :  The Rose  ——- Renowned for its beauty, the rose is lesser known for its other virtues.  Its scent helps you to find balance which is especially beneficial  to LIBRA as you’re constantly confused.  Rose promotes artistic ability and encourages the sense of aesthetic.  It is also graceful and helps us to overcome the sense of awkwardness that a teenager experiences during adolescence.  Rose aske the LIBRAN to put themselves first this week rather than get involved in other’s dramas and get rewarded with ingratitude.  Have a hot bath with rose petals immersed in warm water.  It will balance you inner scales and help the perpetually lost Libran find a sense of direction.
Hibiscus flowerSCORPIO : The Hibiscus —– The SCORPIO perceptiveness is profound and intense but its energy can often be overwhelming and self-destructive, which is why Scorpio is represented by venom.  The antidote to calming your own vices can be found in the soothing Hibiscus.  Its scarlet petals represent your vitality and passion.  Hibiscus has been used in Ayurveda to aid digestion and provide cooling in summers which is ideal for the SCORPION constitution.  Hibiscus asks you to be gentle on yourself this week, to focus on your beauty and not on your flaws.  Hibiscus juice tastes almost like red wine and is used as a medicine to combat alcoholism.  Of all the signs, Scorpions are most susceptible to addiction.
DandelionSAGITTARIUS :  The Dandelion  ——– Horses love to snack on dandelion. They are an equine eatable.  Life is never boring around a SAGITTARIAN they are wacky and fun.  The dandelion is equally quirky among flowers, it looks like a fur-ball.  Strife can make the zany SAGITTARIUS boring and dandelion urges you to not to get too staid.  Stop taking things too seriously or get overly philosophical.  Embrace your inner child and let go of your worries.  Live freely.  Sagittarius often gets the sniffles, and dandelion tea naturally contains anti0allergens that can clear respiratory passages and offer relief to nasal blockages.
Jasmine flowerCAPRICORN :  The Jasmine  ——- CAPRICORNS are very competitive and take themselves too seriously.  Jasmine is light and floral., relieves stress and is renowned as an aphrodisiac.  This makes Capricorns and Jasmine the perfect combination, because jasmine negates all the Capricorn flaws.  Jasmine is the exotic flower of potency and tells Capricorn to  stop having doubts in their love-life and to be more trusting in their romantic relationships.  The Capricornian skin is most brittle to the effects of age and wrinkles.  Steep jasmine petals in sesame oil to make an exotic anti-aging oil.  Dab this on your face before you sleep and you will never grow old.
Orchid flowerAQUARIUS :  The Orchid  ——- The orchid is an aerial plant. It does not grow on soil like most plants but dangles off the bark of other trees and absorbs moisture from the air through its roots.  The orchid looks down on other blossoms and is a perfect representation of the AQUARIAN intellect and lofty thoughts.  However, orchid asks Aquarius not to be too haughty this week as you may rub a loved one the wrong way.  Accept that everyone has the right to choose their path and not everyone ascribes to your ideas.  Orchids can mimic other plants like vanilla, citrus and rose and their scents.
Lotus flowerPISCES : The Lotus  ——- The Lotus bears the secret knowledge of watery depths beneath much like PISCES.  It represents the Piscean intuition and sensitivity and the enlightenment that can be acquired from meditation and stillness.  This week, Lotus reminds Pisces that purity and perfection may seem unattainable to most but not to you.  Your watery constitution requires many nutrients that terrestrial foods do not provide.  Include lotus seed and water-chestnuts in your diet.
 ———–Nolan Lewis

Can your stars make you unhappy?

ARIES :—–People born under this sign, are unhappy when they don’t look a million dollars.  They’re unhappy, too, if they’re not the boss.  Being ignored or not having an attractive partner on their arm, makes them feel low.

TAURUS :—–Bulls are unhappiest when they are not surrounded by comfort.  They are not very happy about, what they call, new-fangled ideas.  They’re disappointed when people aren’t punctual or as enthusiastic as them.  Having to remonstrate with their children also distresses them more than most.

GEMINI :—–The Gemini gets upset when others aren’t keeping up with them, or when their intelligence and knowledge is questioned.  Being bored, which is often, makes them miserable.  They’re not terribly happy about holidays at home. They are unhappy, too, about having to put themselves out for others.

Ancient-Zodiac-SignsCANCER :—-Cancerians hate being criticised, not being asked for advice, not having an audience and working on their own.  they are happy about getting sympathy when they are ill.  They dislike feeling insecure and unsafe.  they also loathe parting with almost anything, whether it is of value or not.

LEO :—–Lions are not terribly happy if they are not in charge of a situation, or when they fail to the high standard they’ve set themselves.  They get irritated if they have to deal with niggling details, and don’t like it when someone else sorts out a problem that baffles them.  Being wrong does not please them much, either, and they hate missing out on the good things in life, like sunshine and being promoted.

VIRGO :—–Those born under the sign of Virgo, can’t abide people who are not methodical or orderly, and become frustrated when they are unable to unearth the ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’ of practically everything.  They are unhappy when their children don’t live up to their expectations and they can’t abide untidiness in the home, or anyone, who, they feel messes it up.  Which is why they dislike new pets around.  People who don’t live up to their expectations, disappoint them; they don’t suffer fools gladly.

LIBRA :—–Librans are unhappy, when they have to make big decisions, or when they can’t seem to please other people.  They don’t like to be pinned down to an agreed time of arrival ( they are not the most punctual of folks).  They hate rows, cheap music, fast food and don’t like doing what others expect of them.  Librans are unhappy about being on their own, much preferring to share their life with someone, irrespective of whether it is the right someone or not.

SCORPIO :—–Scorpions are unhappy when others become inquisitive and try to delve into their mind, or when they are told that what they are doing isn’t important.  They can get upset if told they’re wrong, and hate being in a big crowd, much preferring to pick and choose a close circle of trusted friends.   They certainly dislike anyone turning up at their homes unexpectedly.  Even on holidays, they hate hanging around, they have to do something.

SAGGITARIUS :—–These people hate claustrophobia, or anything that will impinge on their independence and individuality.  They don’t like being told they’re too harsh on others; they hate being stuck in a routine.  They are not terribly happy about getting married.

CAPRICORN :—–Goats are unhappy if they are asked to rush or are given a deadline.  They don’t like being dominated or driven, and hate untidiness or being unsuitably dressed for an occasion.  They are miserable when it comes to spending money and don’t like paying the full price of an article.  They are unhappy when surrounded by flippant or irresponsible people, and don’t like any form of practical joke being played on them.

AQUARIUS :—–Those born under this sign are unhappy with anyone who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them, and because they hate feeling trapped, are not too happy about anyone trying to get too close..  They are not too pleased if they have to dress up for a special occasion.  Aquarians are definitely not the type to pen ardent letters of affection.

PISCES :—–Pisceans are unhappy about taking money seriously.  They dislike sharing their worries until they have come up with a solution.  They don’t like too much of responsibility and don’t much care for ambition, either, much preferring their on standard of success.