English is a very PHUNNY language


Don’t give up on English.  French:——-N’est-ce pas ?  English——Right ?ADUMBRATE:—-foreshadow or reveal. to overshadow or conceal, to outline in a shadowy way —or to reveal some, conceal some. 

There are combinations of words that don’t  make sense.  RAISE means to build up.  RAZE means to tear down.  The opposite of FASTEN is LOOSEN but UNFASTEN and UNLOOSEN are the same.  If you look over something, you give it a good look.  If you overlook it, you don’t look at it at all.  If you oversee it, you give it a good look again. 

The word AWFUL used to mean something AWE-INSPIRING, like a Cathedral but the kids who go there on Sundays said, ” You ever see such an awful Church ?”  “No, I’ve seen Churches, but this takes the cake for awful,” and they would make gagging sounds, and the word acquired the meaning it has now. 

According to the rules, you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition.  This is a rule I don’t believe IN.  A preposition at the end, gives a sentence ZING.  English has a rule that says, two negatives make a positive.  This may be alright for maths, but it’s a little unrealistic in practice.  Two words that cause a lot of trouble are LIE and LAY.  You can lay your head down, but you can’t just LAY DOWN.  If you LAY DOWN half a second ago, then it’s alright.  But right now you are not LAYING, you are LYING.  SIT DOWN and SET DOWN are just as bad.  A hen SITS on eggs.  When she’s LAYING, she’s not LYING,—-she’s SITTING again.  The only time a hen LIES DOWN is when IT IS DEAD.

15 thoughts on “English is a very PHUNNY language

  1. PHUNNY is putting it mildly !!!
    See for yourself:

    There/Dare are three Two/To/Too in the English Language

    It’s QUITE DIFFICULT to rhyme words ending in OUGH [Don’t believe – see for yourself !!!]

  2. Reblogged this on geraldineevansbooks and commented:
    Language is a funny thing. And English is funnier / phunnier than most. Horseradish is another strange beast. Is it a particular favourite sauce amongst our equine friends? Is it made up of bits of horse-meat cunningly disguised? Perhaps we’re better not knowing . . .

    I’m going to periodically try adding to this list of confusing words, just for the fun of it.

    If you have some favourite barmy additions, put them in the comments.

    This post could run and run.

  3. …In ciuda ploilor ☂ zambesc!…
    zambesc…pentru ca iubesc viata…
    si zambesc, pentru ca…
    pana la urma…e toamna… ♡◕ ‿ ◕♡
    ☼…sa ai o seara frumoasa, cu ploi de iubire in suflet…

    Despite the rain ☂ smile! …
    smile … because I love life …
    and smile, because …
    after all … it’s fall … ♡ ◕ ‿ ◕ ♡
    ☼ … to have a nice evening with rain of love in heart

  4. As far as I can tell, awful was never “awe-inspiring” awsome is a miss spelling of awesome and an entirely different route from the word awful.

    Where words come from govern where they end up. 400 years ago there was a sport in France called “Chicken” But because they were french they called it “Poule” meaning – chicken. A group of people would trap the chicken in a confined space. They would all put money into a pot and then start to throw stones at the unfortunate bird as it raced round the room. The first person to decisively hit the chicken won and took all the money from the pot..They had won the jue de Poule. The word Poule traveled to England where it was Anglesised and came to mean the pot where a gambling stake was placed. Used in card games etc, it then was employed when betting on billiard games where the rules were slightly changed and became known as Pool. This had nothing to do with swimming pools, rock pools etc. Later on we started to pool our resources; we joined car pools, secretaries were put into Typing pools and now we are all part of the gene ;pool. So although we have a sophisticated language, if it is to be believed – we are nothing more than bits of chicken.

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