Fret is closely akin to friction

calmDo not get into a perilous heat about things.  If ever heat were justified, it was surely justified in the circumstances outlined in the Psalm.  Evildoers were moving about clothed in purple and fine linen, and faring sumptuously every day.  “Workers of iniquity” were climbing into the supreme places of power, and were tyrannizing their les fortunate brethren.  Sinful men and women were stalking through the land in the pride of life and basking in the light and comfort of great prosperity, and good men were becoming ‘heated and fretful’. 
(c) York Museums Trust; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Do not get unduly heated !  Keep cool !  Even in a good cause, fretfulness is not a wise help-mate.  Fretting only heats the bearings, it does not generate the steam.  It is no help to a train for the axles to get hot ; their heat is only a hindrance.  When the axles get heated, it is because of unnecessary friction ——- dry surfaces are grinding together, which ought to be kept in smooth co-operation by a “delicate cushion of oil.”
And, is it not a suggestive fact that this word “FRET” is closely akin to the word “FRICTION”, and is an indication of absence of the anointing oil of the grace of God ? ——- In fretfulness, a little bit of grit gets into the bearings ——– some slight disappointment, some ingratitude, some discourtesy ——- and the smooth working of life is checked.  Friction begets heat, and, with the heat, most dangerous conditions are created.  Do not let thy bearings get hot.  Let the oil of God’s grace keep you cool, lest by reason of an unholy heat you be reckoned among the evil-doers.
Restless heart, be still, don’t fret and worry so
God has a thousand ways His love and help to show
Just trust, and trust, and trust, until His will you know.
Restless heart, be still, for peace is God’s own smile
His love can every wrong and sorrow reconcile
Just love, and love, and love, and calmly wait awhile.
Restless heart, be brave, don’t moan and sorrow so
He hath a meaning kind in chilly winds that blow
Just hope, and hope, and hope, until you braver grow.
Restless heart, repose upon His breast this hour
His grace is strength  and life, His love is bloom and flower
Just rest, and rest, and rest, within His tender power.
Restless heart, be still, don’t struggle to be free
God’s life is in your life, from Him you may not flee
Just pray, and pray, and pray, till you have faith to see.
—-Edith Willis Linn.

AIB Roast of Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor – My thoughts


AIB RoastA lot is being made of the  AIB Knockout: The Roast of Ranveer SIngh and Arjun Kapoor,  that was premiered on You Tube on 28th January. For the uninitiated, AIB (All India Bakchod for short) is a comedy shorts You Tube channel that has acquired quite a fan following due to their innovative and funny takes on real life situations ( Honest Diwali ) and celebrities ( Arvind Kejriwal and Aliaa Bhatt). The Roast is a new concept that they are bringing in, presumably the first of a series.

I understand that the concept of roasting is the opposite of toasting, where a roaster ( or roasters) trash a ‘roastee’ (or roastees) in a no-holds barred verbal slingfest.  Bear in mind that nothing is off-limits, and hence a whole lot of bawdy jokes and wisecracks are made at the ‘roastee’s’ expense. And the roastee takes it all in good spirit, sometimes…

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A unique rainbow

zhangye_danxia1This “unique rainbow” at the Gansu province of China leaves one awestruck and has unmatched beauty.  The Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is nothing but a colourful wonderland crafted by elements in red sandstone  and various minerals. It’s incredible and vibrant colour patterns have been appreciated by many over the years.
It is a ‘heaven’ over 200 square miles.  Formerly, a provincial park and scenic area, it became a National Geopark in November 2011.  The park is located in the northern foothills of the Qilian Mountains, in the counties of Linze and Sunan, which are under the administration  of the prefecture-level city of Zhangye, Gansu Province.  The core area of the park, Linze Danxia Scenic Area, is located 30 kilometres west of downtown Zhangye and 20 kilometres south of the seat of Linze County.  It is the most developed and the most visited part of the park. 
Zhangye Danxia, known for the unusual colours of the rocks, which are smooth, sharp and several metres tall.  They are the results of deposits of red sandstone and other minerals that occurred over 24 million years.  The result, similar to a “layer cake”, is connected to the action of the same tectonic plates responsible for creating parts of the Himalayan mountains. — wind, rain and time then sculpted extraordinary shapes, including towers, pillars and ravines with varying colours, patterns and sizes. 
In 2005, Zhangye Danxia was voted by a panel of reporters from 34 major media outlets as one of the most beautiful landform areas in China.  In 2009, Chinese National Geographic Magazine chose Zhangye as one of the “six most beautiful landforms” in China.  The area has become a top tourist attraction for Zhangye.  A series of board-walks and access roads have been built to help visitors to explore the rock formations.  In August 2010, China Danxia was inscribed on to the World Heritage List. The best time to visit is in summer and before sunset, and even better after a rainy day. 
It is no exaggeration to say that God Himself went to a carnival and created this adorable sand art.  The view is simply “mind blowing” and it proves that rainbows are not just in the sky.  

Canine confusions

While our dogs love us too much and endure the love we give them, research has shown that they really hate some of the stuff we do out of love.
Here is a list : 
dogs(1) Using Words More Than Body Language :  We’re a vocal species, states  We love to chatter, even at our pets, who can’t understand the vast majority of what we’re saying.  Dogs might be able to deduce what a few key words mean — walk, treat, toy, off —- and may even learn hundreds of words as some border collies have done.  But they can’t understand ‘human language’.  What they rely on to figure out what we mean is our ‘body language’.  For instance, telling a dog to “stay” while leaning forward toward the dog and holding out a hand like  a traffic cop is, in body language, actually inviting the dog to come towards you.  But when the dog does, it gets reprimanded for breaking the ‘stay’ command.  It’s all so ‘confusing’.  Try communicating with your dog just with your body, instead of saying anything.  You will be surprised at how much your pooch will obey you.
dogs pets(2) Hugging Your Dog :  While you might love wrapping your arms around a furry canine friend, MOST DOGS HATE HUGS.  Rather than camaraderie, if a dog places a foreleg or paw on the back of another dog, this is considered an ACT OF DOMINANCE.  No matter your intentions with hugging, a dog is ‘hardwired’ to view the act of hugging as you are exerting your dominance.
(3) Petting A Dog’s Face Or Patting Its Head :  Do you like to be patted on the head ?   Our guess is ‘no’.  So, why should a dog like it ?  Yet most humans think that dogs like being patted on the head.  The reality is that while many dogs will put up with this, if it’s someone they know and trust, most dogs DON’T ENJOY IT.  It’s a personal ‘space issue’ for dogs, just as much as it is for us.
dogs pet(4) Not Providing Structure And Rules :  Dogs want, need and love having rules.  You might think having strict rules makes life boring or unhappy for your dog.  But dogs really want to know ‘what’s what’ according to their leader.  Rules make life a lot more predictable, a lot less confusing and a lot less stressful.  And speaking of confusion, doge DON’T UNDERSTAND EXCEPTIONS TO RULES.  They don’t understand they’re allowed to jump on you when you have leisure clothe.s on, but not when you have work clothes on.  Forcing your dog to interact with dogs or people it clearly doesn’t like is not done.  Just like so many other social species, dogs have their favourite friends and their enemies.  It is easy to see what other dogs, and people, for that matter, that a dog wants to hang out with whom it would rather not associate.  Yet, there are a lot of dog owners who go into denial about this or simply fail to read the cues their dog is giving.
——- Bengaluru Chronicle.

A world in a grain of sand

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
William_Blake_by_Thomas_PhillipsThese four lines could be a synthesis of what, nowadays, is called “the new consciousness”  ——– the ability to understand that everything is interlinked, that magical moments for part of everyday life, and that with just a little inner openness we can come to see that we are capable of completely changing our reality and eliminating most of the things that make us feel dissatisfied.  When these lines were written, however, they went almost unnoticed.  
Their author, William Blake (1757 — 1827), was born into a poor family and died despised by the intellectual circles of his time.  His critics alleged that he put too much mysticism into his work, that he behaved strangely (for example, he would sit naked with his wife in the garden of the country house lent to them by a friend), and that his poems were too naïve. –
Those critics died, and now, Blake is considered ——- not only for his writings, but also for his engravings, which I (Paulo Coelho) had the opportunity of seeing at the Tate Gallery in London —— as one of the most complete artists of the last millennium.  
grain of sandBlake describes how, as a child in a park near London, he saw angels in the trees and saw the prophet Ezekiel emerge from amongst creatures.  Later, when he was 30 years old, his younger brother died, and Blake maintained that his brother’s spirit appeared to him a few days later, clothed in light, in order to reveal to him a method of “publishing” books without recourse to a printer, that is, to hand-craft engravings of both texts and illustrations and sell them in very limited editions. 
Following his advice, Blake began developing an idea which he called “the contraries of the human soul”.  One of these states is “innocence”, when imagination leads us towards growth.  The other state is “experience”, when our imagination is confronted by rules, morality and repression.
Blake lived his life intensely and died poor, but he died having done everything he wanted to do.  In one of his most controversial works, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, he claimed to have visited the realm of darkness and noted down the proverbs that the devils used to repeat to each other.  Here is a selection of those proverbs :      
In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom
The cistern contains ; the fountain overflows
Prudence is a rich, ugly old maid courted by incapacity
A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees
He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence
No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings
Prisons are built with stones of law, Brothels with bricks of religion
What is now proved was once only imagined
Everything possible to be believed is an image of truth
The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction
Expect poison from the standing water
The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion
He who has suffered you to impose on him, knows you
Prayers plow not ! Praises reap not !
You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough. ————–Paulo Coelho. (translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa) 

Shahbaz Kalandar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most popular qawwalis of the sub-continent, Dam Dam Mast Kalandar, Ali Da Pehla Number….. Sindhri Da, Sehwan Da, Sakhi Shahbaz Kalandar, invokes the name of the Sindhi Sufi Lal Shahbaz.  The verse demonstrates the mystic’s deep love for Imam Ali, which is inscribed on his grave : “I am a slave of Ali Murtaza.”
Lal Shahbaz’s name was Syed Usman Shah.  He later acquired the title of Lal (red) due to his habit of wearing red garments, and Shahbaz, Royal Falcon, for his soaring divinity.  Born to the mystic Syed Ibrahim Kabiruddin, Lal Shahbaz’s family drew their lineage from Imam Jafar Sadiq, a descendant of Imam Ali.  The family came from Sistan, an Iranian province that borders Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Jhule-Lal-MoortiOverwhelmingly adored alike by Hindus and Muslims of Sind, Lal Shahbaz arrived in Multan in 1263, eventually settling in Sehwan, a famous centre of learning.  The earlier name for Sehwan was Sivistan, the city of Lord Shiva.  Lal Shahbaz settled on the outskirts of the town for six years during which he provided spiritual guidance to thousands of people. 
Lal Shahbaz resided at the site of an old Shiv temple on the west bank of the Indus.  He made his home in a hollow tree trunk where he performed his ascetic exercises.  The area now a walled-garden, is known as Lal Bagh, whose sweet water springs that irrigate it are attributed to the miracles of Lal Shahbaz.  He encouraged his followers to use dance as a way of achieving spiritual  ecstasy, a tradition still followed at is dragah, accompanied with dhamaal and drums.
Shahbaz Qalandar devoteeLal Shahbaz live during the age of the famous Sufis including Baba Farid of Ajodhan, Shaykh Bahauddin Zakariya of Multan, and Jalaluddin Bukhari of Uch.  They remained close friends and came to be called “chaar yaar” —— the four companions.  
Lal Shahbaz claimed to be the spiritual disciple of Mansur Hallaj, the 10th century martyred mystic pot of Baghdad.  An erudite scholar, Lal Shahbaz was fluent in Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit and Sindhi.  Several books in Persian and Arabic poetry and on philology are attributed to him.  Later, Sindhi mystics, including Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Makhdoom Bilawal, Sachal Shahbaz QalandarSarmast and Qadir Bakhsh Bedil, were devout followers of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.  He died in 1274 AD and a stunning mausoleum with Sindhi tiles, mirror work and gold-plated doors stands over his grave.
The Hindus lovingly address Lal Shahbaz as “Jhule Lal”, Lord of the Indus River.  Even now, at the annual Urs, one of the old caretakers, a Hindu, performs the inaugural ritual for the annual festivities.  Despite the Partition of India, the environment of Sehwan Sharif is an extraordinary demonstration of Hindu-Muslim syncretism of the sub-continent.
———— Sadia Dehlvi

This & That

Gluta-The-Happy-Smiling-Dog-11(1) Gluta,  is a dog who was abandoned on the streets of Bangkok.  Sorasat Wisetsin, who was residing in a dorm that did not allow pets at that time, met Gluta in the parking lot frequently and even fed her, reports Viral Nova.  Wisetsin eventually realised that Gluta was suffering from some medical issue —— she was diagnosed with metritis, gluta-story-dooddot-4following which her uterus was removed, and it was also discovered that she had cervical cancer.  After a year and a half of laser surgeries and chemo, she was nursed back to health.  Today, Gluta accompanies Wisetsin on his travels.  What’s more, she even sportingly poses for pictures with all sorts of accessories and themes as seen on her Facebook and Tumblr accounts. This has earned her the title of the HAPPIEST DOG IN THE WORLD. 
(2) It is illegal in many countries to perform surgical procedures on an Octopus, without anaesthesia due to their intelligence.  That hurts !!!  
strad guitar in case(3) Three violin manufacturers have done business, for years, on the same block, in an Italian town.  After years of peaceful co-existence, the AMATI family decided to put a sign in their shop window, saying, “We make the best violins in Italy”.  The GUARNERI family soon put a sign in their window proclaiming, :We make the best violins in the world”.  Finally, the STRADIVARIUS family posted this sign outside their shop, “We make the best violins on the block.” 
(4) Why is the letter ‘F’ like an ox’s tail ? Because it comes at the end of beef.  Why is the letter ‘T’ like Easter ?  Because it comes at the end of Lent.  Which two letters are definitely not too hard ?  The letters EZ..
(5) BUBBLE WRAP, invented in 1957, was designed to be a wallpaper, but flopped.  Now, it’s a 400 million dollars a year business as PACKING MATERIAL!